They say,
You don’t know
The value of something
Till you lose it.
You can write and write
About pain,
And goodbyes and separation,
But the words will not
Come to life
Till you actually live them.

-A (@firstdraftpoet on twitter)



Making love
To a bottle
Of liquor
In double doses
As we consume
The burning sweetness
Of alcohol
And each other.
And in the aftermath,
You lie
Half asleep,
Your each curve,
Each beautiful imperfection,
Outlined by the sunlight.
This is what
True intoxication
This is the moment
When I allow myself
To believe in
Something more than love.

-A (@firstdraftpoet on twitter)


It’s unrealistic,
If you think about it.
Some random stranger
Chosen for you
But God, Fate, Sheer dumb luck,
What you will,
Becomes someone you trust,
Someone who knows
The trapdoors
Of the fortress you’ve built
Around yourself.
Call it magic,
The way
Small moments
Define people who become
As important to you
As blood.

-A (@firstdraftpoet on twitter)


Night after night
We dreamt of each other,
Still but strangers.
And when we woke
From dreams of each other,
We carried on
Holding on to
A small piece of the dream
And looking into the eyes
Of each stranger that passed us by
Searching for the dream,
And for our dreamer.

-A (@firstdraftpoet on twitter)


Their words are coated
With the Poison of Arrogance,
And they sit,
Spewing these poison-dripping words
At those they deem inferior
To their self-anointed aristocracy.
Sometimes, I regret
Being born into a species
That can show a face
So ugly.

-A (@firstdraftpoet on twitter)

Remember Me

When the rain leaves, and autumn comes again,
Remember me.
When life goes on, and comes back again,
Remember me.

When love has walked out the door,
And vowed to never return again,
Know that it will pass, you will forget,
And slowly, your mind will tame your pain,
Just remember me.

When time flows on and heals your wounds,
The bruises that fell when you knew I was gone,
And never again will you hear my laughter
That echoed in the pages of your mind, mingled with yours.
Remember me.

When my memories won’t hurt you any more,
When I won’t haunt your dreams like I used to,
When the wind won’t remind you,
Of my breath on yours, sweeping your cheeks,
Remember me.

When the sun peeks out from the clouds of grief,
And suddenly, you are not so lonely,
When there is someone there to make you smile,
And laugh with you and share your sighs,
Remember me.

I can see it, your days are full of life some day,
And nights are free of my haunting pain,
And you have almost forgotten me.
Then, just a whisper in your mind, a passing afterthought,
Remember me.

-A (@firstdraftpoet on twitter)


Always swaying on the hedgelines,
My mind is unsure,
Constant in its change.
Rethinking through every decision,
Every stubborn desire
Seems childish in hindsight,
Every thoughtout decision,
Rash, impulsive,
The burning passion that drove me,
I lost myself in a moment
Of whirlwind decisions,
Choosing to go with the flow,
When I should have stayed
Strong against the current,
As I always have stood.
But what came over me this once,
I’ll never know now.
And though this will wound your heart
As sure as mine is wounded,
This is what is right for us,
This is what is right,
Or so I would like to make myself believe.

-A (@firstdraftpoet on twitter)