Remember Me

When the rain leaves, and autumn comes again,
Remember me.
When life goes on, and comes back again,
Remember me.

When love has walked out the door,
And vowed to never return again,
Know that it will pass, you will forget,
And slowly, your mind will tame your pain,
Just remember me.

When time flows on and heals your wounds,
The bruises that fell when you knew I was gone,
And never again will you hear my laughter
That echoed in the pages of your mind, mingled with yours.
Remember me.

When my memories won’t hurt you any more,
When I won’t haunt your dreams like I used to,
When the wind won’t remind you,
Of my breath on yours, sweeping your cheeks,
Remember me.

When the sun peeks out from the clouds of grief,
And suddenly, you are not so lonely,
When there is someone there to make you smile,
And laugh with you and share your sighs,
Remember me.

I can see it, your days are full of life some day,
And nights are free of my haunting pain,
And you have almost forgotten me.
Then, just a whisper in your mind, a passing afterthought,
Remember me.

-A (@firstdraftpoet on twitter)


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