The Song Of The Lord

She was the only one
He loved with abandon.
He was the one she gave her life for
Each moment since they met.
A love so poignant,
That it has been sung
For centuries hence,
Was torn apart by the world.
He left, moved on,
Called by duty.
She stayed,
Never waiting, but remaining his.
He married, fathered children,
Lead armies, conquered kingdoms,
And she stayed,
Living in the dilapidated house
Sprinkled with the dust
Of his memories.
He lived a complete life,
But carried in him a void
That was born
When he left her in his hometown.
She spent her life alone
As the abandoned bride,
And yet saw him in each leaf
Of their forest
And heard him in each gurgle
Of their river.
When time came for him to go
He asked for her,
Prayed to her to set him free,
She smiled, nodded,
And left with him.

-A (@firstdraftpoet on twitter)


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  1. assortmentbox · March 13, 2015



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