An Apology

This is an apology written, not in my usual style. If this were a story, I’d rate it for language.

I know we mess up.
You mess up.
I mess up.
We’re both shitty people,
And all that.
But we’re human. Right?
We’re only human.
So I get it.
Even if you don’t feel apologetic
For not keeping in contact much,
Or even if I don’t feel guilty
And say sorry for being
A total bitch from time to time,
Whatever the fuck happens,
Even if I’m not yours,
You’re my best friend.
The thing is,
I only let a definite number of people
Close to me.
And I don’t want that number
To go to negative.
I love you.
And even if, after today,
We speak only after like fifty years or something,
We’ll still be best friends then.



One comment

  1. Bhanu · July 24, 2015



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