Of Solitude and Company

There is a beauty, a quaint charm
To this city that will be
My home for a year of my life.
There is charm in the silent flow
Of the canal,
In the sunlight making the grass glow neon,
In the vintage shops and cobbled streets
That this place is known for.
There is beauty in solitude,
As I walk anonymous through
Hoards of strangers,
And, for a change,
No one spares me a second glance.
It is normal here,
To be a girl.
There is also a certain charm
And tentative prospects of a happy year
In a late-night half-burned egyptian dinner
With three strangers
Who were a little less of strangers
When the night was over.



  1. jerry · September 22, 2015

    A poet is always hideous,But a poem…… Never should be. A poet’s success is in the simplicity, excellent language and the beauty of the poem…. So are the comment’s


    • firstdraftpoet · September 22, 2015

      I don’t understand. Are you praising my writing, or criticizing it?


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