If I could
I would shout
With my loudest voice
So that every soul still innocent
Can hear me.
Do not fall into the inviting abyss.
The exhilaration of the free fall
Only lasts for but a moment
And the impact will break you.
After that, no matter how many times
You shake off the dust and trod on,
Every subsequent fall
Will never truly be a fall.
You will never give yourself completely away again.
Your eyes will never be completely dry again.


Across the Water

Today I found your clothes
Buried deep in the mess of motions
My life has become.
I wore your shirt
And on its sleeve
Was still lingering
The smell of air conditioned trains,
With a hint of that horrible coffee,
And tears and the sun and you.
What can I do?
I put an ocean between us
And still you can reach me across the water,
And across time.