The To-Do List

Call me with simple words.
I am your poet, be my poetry.
Dance with me as the city sleeps.
As absurd as I come,
Be more outrageous.
Be my voice of reason,
And let me be yours.
Be the warmth
That makes my hairs stand on end.
Write with my words,
Breathe my breaths.
Be silent, and make me wonder,
Feed my insecurities,
If only a little,
For we should be bittersweet.
Inspire me,
Let me find beauty in you.
Love me even as I hate myself.
And as I hate myself, I will love you.


Why do I write?



Writing lends a voice to bustling thoughts inside. It breaths life to a world that resides in the depths of my imagination. It is like a petulant child that yearns for attention .It gives a pat on the backs of people who are at their lowest points. It speaks volumes without being eloquent. It is a shout to the world , to give notice to the little important things. I write with the desire to immortalize my thoughts, to etch them on to the world’s soul . It is me on paper, it is my heart that beats for all to see. It is my desire , my object of passion from which I do not want to part.

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Happy New Year

Haze, and through it, a significant line,
Thinner than hair,
It pulls me through.
The passion of some singer
Pours out into the alcohol.
Travelling beside me,
Blessed am I to call them that.
To them, I put forth,
A small part of my buried, dormant soul,
And they take it,
Some give me back a part of theirs,
Some guard theirs as vigilantly as ever,
And I am nevertheless glad,
For in this moment where another chapter closes,
And I can do nothing but accept that
I am one step closer to whatever tomorrow brings,
This is a small moment of harmony.