Light hair falls in curtains over her rapturous face,

And her arms wielding the bow

Moves over the strings,

In impossible tandem

With his fingers over the keys.

He hears music,

His head out of the ocean now,

Dullness gives way to clarity,

Like the first shine in years

Breaking through clouds.

Aprils have come and gone,

Yet he hopes this time, it stays.

Together, they make something more than two.

Is he overtaking her?

Is she leading?

It is impossible to tell,

Or maybe it isn’t,

Because while the world sees the race,

They are locked in a dance.

Based on anime series “Your Lie In April”. Image not mine.




Her deep breaths
And the suddenly quiet sea,
This is beauty for me.
How she consumes me,
The way she never stays quite long enough,
Always hours short,
How she stays as salty fragrance,
Somewhere in the folds of my clothes,
Even gone.
The curve of her spine
As she holds me to her,
As our dangling bare feet tangle.
How her dreams are now mine,
And my life is now hers-

Image credits: http://favim.com/image/1313322/

Why do I write?



Writing lends a voice to bustling thoughts inside. It breaths life to a world that resides in the depths of my imagination. It is like a petulant child that yearns for attention .It gives a pat on the backs of people who are at their lowest points. It speaks volumes without being eloquent. It is a shout to the world , to give notice to the little important things. I write with the desire to immortalize my thoughts, to etch them on to the world’s soul . It is me on paper, it is my heart that beats for all to see. It is my desire , my object of passion from which I do not want to part.

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Of Solitude and Company

There is a beauty, a quaint charm
To this city that will be
My home for a year of my life.
There is charm in the silent flow
Of the canal,
In the sunlight making the grass glow neon,
In the vintage shops and cobbled streets
That this place is known for.
There is beauty in solitude,
As I walk anonymous through
Hoards of strangers,
And, for a change,
No one spares me a second glance.
It is normal here,
To be a girl.
There is also a certain charm
And tentative prospects of a happy year
In a late-night half-burned egyptian dinner
With three strangers
Who were a little less of strangers
When the night was over.

Quote Challenge Day 3: The Curious

Assortmentbox has nominated me for this challenge. Thank you again so much S!

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The steps to be followed for this challenge are :

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Day 3: The Curious


“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, bit the one most responsive to change”-Charles Darwin


“We are all connected to each other biologically, to the earth chemically, to the rest of the universe atomically”-Neil Degrasse Tyson (His words are especially relatable.)


“What is now proved was once only imagined”- William Blake

I nominate
1. kismatandkarma
2. saracroelthe
3. bhanu

Feel free to choose not to do it, it’s all for fun.



The thing no one tells you is,
When you dream,
All you can see are the best parts,
The glamour, the happiness,
The front stage.
When you get so close
That you can actually touch it
If you reach out just a little
With your finger tips,
Then you see the microscopic fissures,
The mess that is the back stage.
And for some, this is where they get off.
The fear that is born in them
Is powerful enough to cripple.
You need to just remember
That good always comes with bad
And look for a way through.



I think maturity is overrated,
Because it is when
You act like a child
And you see the world
As you used to years ago,
With wonder-coloured gaze
Dragging across
The plainest sights,
That is when you know
The real meaning
Of Joy.

-A (@firstdraftpoet on twitter)


A paintbrush
Drags itself
Across the dusty petals
Of a May bloom.
The Holder moves it
And lets it
Sprinkle the gathered
Faerie dust,
Shimmering in its wake
Onto the petals of
A sun gazer.
And life is started.

It takes a lot of courage to let the world,  or what minute portion of it is watching,  glimpse into the darkest corner of your soul. Anonymity protects me,  and yet, I am bared in front of you.  Please be kind in your words.